Jackie’s Articles


Jackie Jones-Hunt's passion to unearth spiritual truth, sources her tireless archaeological, theological and psychical research into the uncharted territories of humankind's spiritual history to present day.


Jackie's passion to disseminate spiritual truths, democratising them, for all to know, amongst the wider public, rather than people being left with confused and/or deliberate man-made spiritual dogmas and man-made historical, and contemporary, distorted spiritual teachings. is reflected in her books and articles. Jackie's investigative research is reflected in Jackie's thoroughly researched books.

Archaic Shamanism.jpg
Winged and Wingless.jpg
Out of Body.jpg
Healing the Sioux.jpg
Unmasked in the next Dimension.jpg
Photographing the Spirit Bodies of Anima
Reading from an Empty Book.jpg
Choosing to decline a date with death.jp
Taking Physical Research to Universities
The boy who lived before.jpg
Giggling Ghost Children.jpg
Scots Horses and Egypt.jpg
Passing Away Through an Ancient Pyramid
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