Winged and Wingless Angels Every Day

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The angel picture was photographed by a lady in Glasgow who is interested in both crystal healing and Reiki healing. She had been physically cleaning her home followed by cleansing the energies in her house with sage when suddenly as she finished, besides the fire place this angelic figure appeared. Taken aback she had the presence of mind to run to get her camera and take a photograph for others to see the figure she was watching standing in her living room in front of her. If she did not photograph it people would find her experience hard to believe.

Apparently aware of Margaret's intentions and her need for time to get the camera the angelic phenomenon stayed long enough for her to do this. The photograph while clearly showing the angel that manifested in her living room does not portray the scene as clearly as Margaret saw it with her own eyes.

The experience has deeply impinged on Margaret's consciousness, she now knows angels certainly do exist When she reflects on what occurred that quiet afternoon while home alone, she is left with the sharp contrast of the appearance of a luminous angelic being in the down to earth domestic space of her living room, which is not a palace for such splendid guests but a comfortable down to earth home.

The malleability of angels is a common feature amongst this phenomenon. While some see angels as traditional angelic beings resembling men and women with the addition of wings and a gauze-like etheric luminous countenance others have seen them as men, women and children that appear out of no-where at times of dire emergency then disappear when the life has been saved. Another name for this apparent malleability of form is the term fluidity otherwise described as their ideo-plastic nature.

Dr H.C.Moolenburgh amongst others has recorded accounts of experiences of angels finding that such experiences are not as rare as might be previously thought. It would appear that an angel is a different phenomenon to an experience of an apparent spirit being. Of the malleability of an angel's angelic form, while some people see them as misty apparitions sometimes with gold and violet colours, or as vibrant, radiant white light, others see them as a luminous child, man or woman with or without wings.

One particular incident which exemplifies this malleability of form is demonstrated by the fully witnessed account regarding a family who sat at a picnic area at the side of an autobahn in Germany . To the parents horror they saw their toddler had run all the way down the embankment to the edge of the motorway. At this chill realisation the parents froze, simultaneously many other people at the picnic tables also stood and stared in blind panic as the child began to take its first step out onto the frantically busy, noisy autobahn.

The infant was too far away for anyone to do anything to stop this imminent tragedy concluding. A shining child without wings appeared out of nowhere, immediately in front of the toddler with its back to the motorway edge. This angelic messenger opened out its arms catching the toddler, turned the child around and guided the youngster some feet back. The moment the parents saw this miraculous development they desperately sped to retrieve their child from the edge of the motorway. The parents, the toddler and the many people at the picnic tables had all seen the angelic youngster appear. Strangely as if this amazing timely appearance was not enough as soon as the toddler was out of danger they all miraculously saw this little stranger disappear as the parents arrived and this iridescent angelic child was no longer needed.

A second account took place when a couple were caught by speedily deteriorating weather conditions while driving in the Pyrenees on the road from Prades to Bourg-Madame a few hours away from Andorra . Their plight was accelerated due to the road's 1500m height above sea level. This was the worst storm for 60 years in that area. The gale force winds of 140kms hit the vehicle, visibility was gone and the car began skidding into one direction after another. Driving was increasingly impossible so the driver attempted to stop, stopping in such conditions was marginally better. It was a truly life-threatening situation. The driver had thought he would attempt to put snow chains on the wheels. As he attempted to stop the car careered across the road, it would certainly be hit if another car should be coming from the opposite direction and they would be knocked into the ravine. They did not know what to do.

Taking a chance the driver attempted to put snow chains on and was unable to do it. Now panicking, realising that their chances of survival were remote, a radiant man without wings and without one flake of snow on him appeared out of nowhere with no vehicle of his own. The ‘man' said nothing took hold of the snow chains put them on the wheels, alone he pushed the car into the correct lane and disappeared without a trace leaving them with a feeling of overwhelming joy from that day whenever they think of him.

Another example of an experience of an angel was given by an elderly couple who got off the train at Utrecht and got on the escalator. The old lady's heal caught in the escalator and as she fell back a ‘man's' two powerful hands caught her. He held her until she was able to step clear at the bottom. She heard him say to her, “keep going.” Her husband turned and saw him. When they turned to thank him he disappeared. She writes inspired spiritual poetry since that day.

It would appear that these ‘one' or ‘three' angelic beings stepped through the veil and that the gap between these two realms is not hermetically sealed. A child needed an angel to appear as a child to prevent fear, gain trust and therefore prevent disaster. The people in the Pyrenees needed a strong confident man to help them avert a crash in already life threatening conditions as did the lady who fell on the particularly step escalator. I have many other accounts such as these, too many to summarise here, indicating that such experiences are more common than you think. The enigma is why do they help sometimes and not others? Perhaps when our physical time has come to a close on this Earth we should try to celebrate the fact that we have other work to do and life to experience in the next dimension and that it is not the end. Perhaps there are occasions when they help and we are unaware of it. This reminds me of the poem that states of
the two sets of footprints in the sand, when you saw one set of footprints that was when I carried you, not when you were alone!

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