Out of Body and Sleep State Experiences

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One Sunday afternoon thirty years ago after a long drive after visiting a relative in hospital I lay on my bed and fell asleep. When I awoke I went to push the cover back and could not. I had awakened paralysed. I was managing my fear with will power and determination willing myself to move repeating in my mind over and over the words, “push the cover back.”


Momentarily I thought maybe this is a dream but then I heard the train go by and I looked to the window on my left and then I looked at the clock on my right noting it was as usual on time.


Then I realised I had moved in some way to see the window and the clock yet I could not move my physical body everything seemed very strange and frightening. My flat mate when she returns might think I am dead I thought. I realised “I” was somewhere near my body but not in it and me “Jackie” was still there, thinking and working things out the same as my personality would. Where was I if I was not in my body? Finally after about fifty times of repeating “push the cover back” my arm moved in a disjointed staccato manner. I grasped the opportunity to hurry up off the bed. I walked to a nearby chair, my heart beating fast now and sat for a long while to get over the shock.


This is one of the first experiences I had that proved to me that the non-physical body can operate without the physical body and it is the identifiable “me” that was alive and well yet the physical body lay lifeless on the bed! When I told a friend about it they surprised me and said you have had a psychic experience.


Out of Body in the Garden

When we lived in Taunton one night I fell asleep and then jumped as I woke up. My husband asked what had awakened me so abruptly and I said it was the shock of the apparent thud of the apple that fell off the tree to the ground at the side of me near the fence. Then I realised what I had said. If I am in bed how do I know that an apple fell off the apple tree besides me? I knew it was there as I knew I had been at the end of our very long garden by the apple tree and a lone apple had fallen. In our dressing gowns we went out and walked to the end of the garden. On an empty apple tree there was not one apple. But lying on the floor besides the fence and the apple tree was the apple that had shocked me and caused me to re-awaken in my body.


Watching my Etheric Mother


On holiday in Spain my mother and I shared a twin-room. I could not sleep due to the heat and looked over in my mum's direction. She got up out of bed and walked to the veranda to look out on the beautiful holiday scene. I thought she seems restless tonight worse than me and went to speak as I did my eyes lowered and caught a glimpse of her bed and surprisingly there she was fast asleep. I believe I saw my mother's etheric body leave her physical body and go to enjoy the view! When I spoke to her about this in the morning she told me that she had always wanted to sleep under the stars and wondered if her spirit decided to do that in the night! 



Buried Alive in an Egyptian Tomb For about 4 years now several times per month I awaken standing terrorised trying to walk into the mirror wardrobe, the bedroom door or the window. Before this I have never been a sleep-walker. It is indescribable and impossible to attempt to explain the depth and gravity of the fear that envelopes me.


When I come out of this my heart is racing madly and takes hours to calm down and sleep is unthinkable as my body is so stressed. I liken it to a feeling of terror of being buried alive alone in a coffin only it is a black soundless void I am buried in. It is the feeling of being an isolated, lost soul in a terrible black soundless, lightless empty void and I am desperate to find the light, others and to orientate myself, I am truly petrified of these experiences.


I wondered if I was reliving an experience of being buried alive in an Egyptian tomb. To combat it I began to leave the bedroom door slightly open leaving the bedroom dark now with an increased beam of light coming in from the landing through the bedroom door.


I thought if the experience occurs it will reduce the terror of being alone locked in the darkness unable to get out as I will find the light and that should calm me as I know I am desperate to find the light and to get out when I awake in this state.


Instead of lessening the number of these terrorising experiences as expected the experiences increased to about two per week instead of three per month. I questioned a local Glaswegian, sincere and very accurate medium named Anne Mc Cutcheon who is very much in demand in the churches around Scotland . She informed me that I am carrying out rescue work, that on some level I am sympathising with the conditions around individual lost souls and I am taking on their lost or traumatic conditions and am symbolically walking them to the light, either the fragment of light reflected in the mirror wardrobe door, the fragment of light reflected imperceptibly in the window or the faint light coming in from beneath the bedroom door. Anne explained that having the bedroom door open had made things worse as my dark room was now in sharp contrast with the beam of light running down the full length of the door and that is why the experiences had increased rather than decreased.


I went home feeling that I had made my bedroom like Central Station for any lost soul. That night I did as Anne suggested and put a tiny night light on in the room so that it was not pitch black and closed the bedroom door so that there was no beam of light. No longer having a pitch dark bedroom and no longer having a beam of light coming in, I was incredulous to find that not one experience has occurred for over three months from the very day of speaking to Anne to now after having these experiences so regularly for four years.


One exception occurred last week when I left the door open, over confident that it was never going to happen again, I thought it would be good to have the fresh air from the bathroom window free to come into the room. This night last week I was not aware of anything but my husband was awakened by me trying to get out again!! I thought he had woken me. Anne said if we do things like this it should not impinge on our consciousness and it was very obviously impinging on mine as I was so terrified by the differing lost conditions I was taking on. My husband said while this instance did not impinge on my consciousness it most certainly impinged on his as I frightened him and our Jack Russell at the end of our bed by waking him with a fright in the night. So again the night light has gone on and the door stays closed as it seems the second I lapse on this it all begins to happen again!

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