Photographing the Spirit Bodies Of Animals

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Many people forget or are ignorant of the fact that human beings once had four legs. Before that they inhabited the sea. Before that were they simply consciousness, otherwise described as energy without any physical form? From the fact that humans had four legs and earlier swam in the sea we can safely assume we have evolved physically and many of us have evolved spiritually. I say ‘many', as this does not apply to everyone when you consider the atrocities that are reported on the local and national news.

We may believe in reincarnation whereby the person has returned to planet Earth to live again as an opportunity to put right past mistakes. To do this they may have chosen the family they have been born into for the hardships that family may cause them and we may choose some of the circumstances we might meet along life's path as lessons we may learn and grow from. We may succeed or fail with regard to the challenges we may pick for ourselves.

Plato, the Greek philosopher taught the concept of the transmigration of the soul. He taught that each time a soul inhabited a physical body to live on planet Earth the soul chose the physical vehicle. In one life they may be a human and in another they may be an animal. Many people who have shared their life with an animal would say that they learned that their little companion dreams, as they see their pet's legs running in their sleep, or hear a faint bark from their animal as it lies snoring on the rug.

Pet owners sensitive to their animal friend learn to see or feel when the animal is unwell, fearful, upset or excited and a certain telepathy does develop between the two. Many leave the radio and lights on to make their animal friend less insecure and lonely when they go out. In short, we learn that they are little children with feelings and emotions in four legged bodies, not dissimilar to the bodies humans once inhabited. In short they know love, fear, pain and also sorrow when their pet owner passes on.

Nearly eighteen years ago I went to an Eastbourne hotel besides the sea at Christmas time to meet my fiancé's family. We were happy to be engaged at Christmas and it was a hotel full of happy family reunions and many people celebrating. I walked into my room and immediately saw five circles of colour slowly floating around the room.

Each was about one and a half feet across. Each had in common with the other a central yellow coloured nucleus. Surrounding that nucleus was a circle of colour, such as petrol blue, followed by another several circles of colour, such as pink, then orange, then green etc. Each of the five circles containing many concentric circles of colour was unique from the rest. I read the colours out to my fiance and he could not see them.

I knew intuitively that these circles of colours where spirit bodies and if I had been able to interpret the combinations of colours I would have known the personalities of these disembodied consciousnesses. Then I may have been able to take a guess at who was visiting us. Etheric bodies are those ghost-like bodies which are recognisable. To put it simply, energy is vibration, different vibrations create different frequencies which are physically observed as colours. From this experience I intuitively believe that our colours are shaped by what we eat, think, feel, and our mental, emotional, spiritual and physical states.

During that experience all those years ago, I stated to my fiance that I now know what we will one day look like - wonderful colourful circles of pure energy, circles of colour. I believe that our consciousness, (soul, spirit) that aspect which continues and makes the transition from the physical state back into the pure energy, disembodied state is our true essential state. It sounded like something out of Star Trek and I have often repeated this over the years and believe this to this day. Many listening did not really know what I was talking about. It is only now that people are using sophisticated sensitized digital cameras that they are suddenly finding that they have opaque white circles on their photograph. These are presently called orbs.

Moses used to speak to Yahweh in the Ark of the Covenant, the holy of holies in the sanctuary, when he came out his face visibly shone, it was radiant for several days. Yahweh was observed by all the Israelites as a cloud and when that white cloud raised from the encampment the escaping Hebrews from Egypt , packed up their tents and followed and finally this cloud took them to the Promised Land. Would another name for this cloud be an ORB? This is further described and discussed in my book: Seances with God:God through the Ages.

Of the circles of colour I realise I observed them clairvoyantly, each had a yellow nucleus, my question is was this nucleus the God-energy, the God-consciousness-the Divine spark of God that inhabits and animates all life forms dwelling within all creation, that aspect that gives immortality? In this way are we all interrelated with each other and all also a part of God, so that the Divine God Energy is the animating force underlying all life forms? Is this Divine Energy therefore responsible for us having eternal life? Is this central yellow nucleus known as the immortal soul or spirit? This soul or spirit or eternal animating force in all of creation is inherent within all living creatures. The orbs of departed animals that are now being taken seem to prove this point.

Furthermore, I believe that digital cameras are only photographing the central yellow nucleus, that central circle in those circles of colour which I observed. I believe as technology becomes more sensitized it will pick up all the other rings of colour making up the whole of those circles of colour. These are the intuitive insightful beliefs that I have held since observing the circles of colour nearly eighteen years ago. Now that photographs of orbs have become quite plentiful across the globe the concept of their existence is no longer in question. Consequently, my account and intuitive insights may now be easier to comprehend.

The following photographs are of Sophie the hamster playing with the cat. Sophie passed away and Audrey in Paisley , Scotland saw her hamster in etheric form run across the floor. Quickly Stuart her husband brought her the digital camera and she photographed the spirit hamster right where she sat. The spirit hamster came up as an orb.

Max the dog was being walked as usual by the group of friends who walked their dogs together near Glasgow . Max ran off and was found so badly wounded he had to be put to sleep. They built a small grave and planted bulbs around it. The next morning, early on Spud the dog looked fixedly at a point above Max's newly built grave. They took a photograph. From the photograph it was apparent that Spud the dog was looking at Max's spirit body showing up as an orb.

The colourful circle of colour is included in the photographs to give an idea of just what the full circle of colour looked like. The doggie angel picture is also to remind us that animals are spirit within physical bodies too just as their orb photographs testify. In recent months, there were appalling accounts of kittens thrown onto bonfires and fireworks tied to dogs who were killed in horrific fashion by these wicked attacks. Such evil is carried out by psychopathic people who have no feelings for others and the SSPCA and RSPCA are working to stop this evil every day of the week. Such people as a pattern start with animals and if left unchecked move on to harm other people. Perhaps these people should be aware of the hell-like near death experiences and may stop their cruelty simply to protect themselves from such an experience when it is their turn to leave the physical body. Hopefully, understanding psychic phenomena will help us all to appreciate all the creatures who share this Planet with us. What a barren place it would be if we did not have our fellow creatures to keep us company on Earth and in the many levels of the next dimension of existence.

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