Healing the Sioux

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To explain how Sioux was healed I now realise in the process of writing this account that not one psychic event occurred but a whole chain of psychic events. To give the background, a few days before going on holiday I was worried that our dog was going to become ill. For the most part of my life I have been in the habit of putting out, from time to time, a few Tarot Cards and throwing a number of Stones which resemble dice which frequently give me both trivial and meaningful predictive information. My interpretation of the cards was worrying as I learned that Sioux would be ill in the near future. The cards were not good. I took Sioux our Jack Russell terrier to the vet on the Friday before taking her with us for our one week holiday to Cornwall which at that time was a couple of hours away from where we lived in Devon. I asked the vet to check her over - and all was well. Consequently, she was wormed early and had her annual vaccination early. I could not tell the vet why I had brought her in-I just asked him for a check-up. There was nothing more I could do.

The next day Saturday we went on holiday for one week. Nearly a week later on the following Friday Sioux had been playing on the beach in Looe in Devon , chasing a stick of sea weed at lunch time. By 5pm she was walking along bringing up flem. We initially blamed the hot weather. We were leaving the next day, Saturday. Before leaving I telephoned the vet local to our home and made a Monday morning appointment. I bathed her on Friday night as she seemed a bit hot and agitated and it seemed to soothe her sitting in the chair in a damp towel.

As we were packing the car on Saturday morning I asked my husband, Tony, would he come with me and our dog to the Spiritualist Church that was local to our home soon after we arrive back home in Devon ? I had had an overpowering feeling that I needed to go there. On Saturday nights however it was usually a meditation circle, so I was not sure why we had to go exactly.

That night we were surprised to find that a lady called Connie Butler from Taunton was taking a special ticketed service that I did not know about - a couple of tickets were left and were luckily sold to us at the door. I had not met Connie before. She was the visiting platform medium and gave me a message. Connie told me that she saw a Jack Russell running around the church looking for someone and had settled at my feet. Telepathically this little spirit dog communicated to her that the dog on my lap in the church was seriously ill - but would come through it! She told me to remember this over the next months!

Jac has been to churches before to make contact but I was alarmed at the message. Connie gave a detailed description of Jac which included her appearance, personality traits, name and memories of places she had been with me. Jac was/is our Jack Russell who had passed on to the higher life a few years before. Jac and Sioux are both Jack Russells but had never met physically.

Connie also said that Jac, the spirit dog knew our dog Sioux very well. She apparently proved this by informing me that Jac had made her, Connie, aware that Jac jumps on the end of our bed in the night which causes Sioux to jump off and that they then play downstairs in the lounge together before returning back to the end of the bed. This was quite true Sioux did and still does jump off the bed in the night on occasions and plays in the lounge and then returns later.

I must say I did wonder if that was what was occurring as I have had experiences of Jac around the house myself. Jac used to stand on her two back legs like a little person (like a meerkat) which in recent years Sioux has begun to do rarely without being taught, but cannot hold the position like Jac. Jac also used to sit on the arm of the armchair akin to sitting on a motor bike, facing the window and she would look out for hours. After a number of years of having Sioux I saw Sioux do this one day and never since. When I saw Sioux do this motor bike position on the arm of the chair she was sitting facing inwards into the settee, in a back to front position that looked so odd. I did feel Sioux must have seen Jac our spirit dog and that Sioux was copying Jac without knowing or understanding the purpose for Jac's posture herself hence the back to front position.

After the evidence, Connie the medium had given me the very worrying message that Sioux ‘would make it through her illness and to remember that over the next months!!' Sioux was not ill, just not quite herself. I changed Sioux's appointment to a special Sunday morning appointment-the young inexperienced vet put Sioux on tablets. That night Sioux's skin was very red and I knew she was allergic to the tablets. They turned out to be pain killers given after operations!! I found a veterinary hospital which I learned is superior to a veterinary practice and asked to have her checked over and mentioned she had brought up flem a couple of days before and her allergy to the tablets received by the previous vet.

The vet checked Sioux's liver and shocked me stating she had ingested poison! We narrowed it down to a toxic algae on the seaweed which I did not know washes in from time to time on the UK shoreline. Sioux had not even started to deteriorate at this time and months of illness followed until she could no longer eat. Initially she had to be hand fed by me a special warmed up liver support diet in table spoon sizes at intervals during the day.

I put Sioux on the healing list at the local Spiritualist Church . I then decided to take her for spiritual healing. The healer in Plymouth said he could smell sea weed on her-this was weeks after the event and I deliberately did not tell him what the cause of her weakness was or what was wrong with her. I was impressed and took her at intervals to this healer in the hope that if he apparently had this communicated to him he may well have healing energies communicated through him also. The vet gave Sioux steroid tablets and checked her liver at intervals. Naively, I thought this would heal her over time, but her health continued to plummet dangerously. I was now acutely aware why I had to go to the Church that night when we returned from holidays and to meet Connie Butler, it was to receive her words of encouragement that Sioux would come through this! Summer had become nearly Christmas.

Each night I put a small selection of angel cards around Sioux, arch angel Michael etc and mentally asked them to heal her as we three slept. One night Tony, my husband enquired about my new regular practice. I explained I was not brought up as a Catholic using statues and pictures for spiritual support but the angel cards seemed to give me just that and made me feel I was drawing the energies of these healing angelic beings to heal Sioux and explained I believed that anything that helps the person connect with these angelic healing energies has to be a good thing. I said that I had written an essay once at university more than 20 years before comparing Catholicism with Shi'ite Islam, both being amongst the most emotive of religions and I classed my angelic pictures in that category and that they helped me draw the energies of healing angels to heal Sioux and that surely this can be helpful if a person or pet needed it. Tony was intrigued and had no objections at all.

The next morning a male voice called my name “Jackie.” I turned and there was a stone statue lying on top of his tomb. As he spoke the words “I'm Aga Khan,” his head raised up and the stone crumbled a little in his neck. Instantly I was frightened as I thought I have encountered evil as I confusedly thought of the historic atrocities of Kublai Khan and Ghengis Khan.

Allaying my fear instantly, the living statue looking at me, laughed a benign laugh and the vision was gone. I got out of bed very shaken but settled a little by the kindly laugh and began hurriedly telling Tony as I walked from the top to the bottom of the stairs. He was sitting in the kitchen opposite the foot of the staircase having a coffee with a new encyclopaedia open in front of him. Tony was shocked as he had earlier opened it on a randomly selected page. It was still sitting open and he told me that he had just been reading about Aga Khan on that page. It was the first time he had opened it as it was a birthday gift. I hurried to see who this man was who had just talked to me from the dead in this symbolic fashion --as a stone statue lying on a tomb. I read he was an Ismaili Muslim leader connected with the Shi'ite sect. I had been talking briefly the night before about Catholics and Shi'ites having more emotive religious attitudes and places of worship. I had said I seem to have a lot in common with them when the need for emotive pictorial support was there and felt I could attempt to use such angelic pictures of angels and saints to support my spiritual and psychic beliefs. In my case I used them to try to draw in the energies of such angelic healing beings. Remarkably, I had also inadvertently drawn in the energy of a spirit being of a man I did not know but relevant to the conversation the night before regarding emotive religious practices as I found he was the leader of the lesser known emotive Ismaili sect connected with the Shi'ite Muslims.

Apart from my confused reaction to Aga Khan's name could this new open book with a section on him have been part of what Aga Khan found to be funny and as part of the joke? It was sitting open in the A section on page twenty three and is called The New Webster's International Encyclopaedia, also a blue tome itself-(tomb) excuse the pun.

By his knowing benign laugh he immediately understood telepathically that I was afraid that my name was being called by a historic conquering mass-murderer as I did not know his name or of him. I relaxed when I realised he was a spiritual leader in history. This was a vision I was taking part in upon waking. It is my belief that when we are going into or coming out of the sleep state we are accessing an altered state of consciousness that is closer to the energies of the next dimension than the normal waking state. Some time later a medium named Hazel Dadella of Plymouth asked me from her platform demonstration did I know that I had in recent months invoked the help of Saint Francis of Assissi and that she did not usually receive this type of information? Apart from Tony no-one knew until now of the tarot card prediction or the angelic cards and the strange experience of invoking spirit, angelic and saintly energies to heal Sioux. Hazel Dadella did not know I had been attempting to invoke the saints or angels for help. To conclude on this point I believe that these experiences have proved to me that when we ask in sincerity we can indeed draw energies of the highest and the best to us from the highest and best energies.

To conclude regarding the healing process Aga Khan had strongly transmitted to me the insight that I needed to look into herbs to heal Sioux as the vet had said he could do no more and that Sioux's time had come and that she would not pull through. I had realised steroids mask the problem and do not heal. I began with milk thistle and then I found a postal herbal vets named animalalternatives.co.uk, (Surrey and Derbyshire) (Tel:0700-226-4625) who immediately sent a herbal mix to detox Sioux's liver of the poison and another bottle which included in it the essential fats for brain and heart such as Omega 3 fish oil and Omega 6 starflower oil which would also support the skin while the poison excreted through it---which it did!

This was just in time as Sioux had totally stopped eating. I only wondered why I had not thought to do this sooner. After her wonderful recovery I took Sioux a month later to the veterinary hospital to show the vet in order to help other poisoned pets that poison can be excreted with the herbal/nutritional mix I had received. The vet asked what had I done to cure her? Unfortunately when I showed him the bottles and explained it was a combination of herbs and nutrition he did not appear to want to know. Healings such as this have led me down the nutrition and herbal route which led to me dissolving my gall stones without an operation to take out my gall bladder. Obviously everyone has to act responsibly regarding their own health and their pets and do what is right for them but due to my dangerously allergic reactions to a number of things this was the route I intuited was right for myself. Often a combination of orthodox medical help and alternative nutritional and herbal remedies work well synthesised together.

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